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Why You Should Not Live Near A Substation

Electricity is the most important thing that we have today. It provides us with a great source of energy and has been very influential to our business growth. Nearly everything that we have today relies on electricity to function.

As much as it may seem useful, it is important also to note the dangers that come with it. Among them is electrocution which is the most dangerous of them. When you are exposed to high voltage, it is easy for you to die from electrocution. Your internal organs become damaged and may result in serious injuries if you survived.

Another major danger is the exposure to the EMF. The prolonged exposure to the electric current can be dangerous and has been associated with dangerous medical conditions such as leukemia in children.

There have been several research that has been aimed at shedding light on this issue. Many experts have agreed that when people are exposed to the dangerous electric currents for a long time, they may end up suffering serious illness conditions. This data was found through EMF surveys that were conducted in the major cities of the US and the UK.

Living near substation has been discouraged over years as this is where EMF is highly concentrated. People who work or live near these places have been encouraged to leave for substation health risks reasons. The number of people who are in danger of getting permanent damage from the exposure to these dangerous currents has been growing.

If you are planning to move into a city or a town, among the things that you need to look into is the distance of the nearby substation. Make sure that it is far enough from your home and that you can be able to measure the distance if you want to be safe.

The next thing is to consider the amount of exposure that the substation is putting on you. If you have the experience, you can handle this problem by yourself. However, it is important to make sure that you use the services of experienced people who will give you a better insight into what is needed.

Many people who have been settled near a substation have been able to register some effects that have been caused by the emission. Experts have said that the number of affected people will increase with time if there are no countermeasures employed.

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